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Political Information and Resources for the Christian Voter

Permissible Activities of the Church according to Jesus

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The Rights of Churches
and Political Involvement

The Rutherford Institute
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Churches, Free Speach, and
the Regulations of the IRS
Regarding Elections

From The American Center
for Law and Justice

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Permissible Activities of
501(c)(3) Organizations
During a
Political Campaign

Let America Speak
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Political Do's and Don'ts
For Churches

The Christian Coalition
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United States Code
Title 26 - Internal Revenue Code
Chapter 1 -- Normal Taxes and Surtaxes
 501 Exempt Organizations

Tcap.gif (1033 bytes)he EagleCross Alliance is not, has never been, and will never be a 501(c)(3) organization. Therefore, we are free to preach God’s word as the spirit moves us, and we are free to support and promote--or speak out against--any candidate or legislative proposals that we so choose.

Churches and other organizations that choose to be incorporated as a 501(c)(3) organization do not enjoy those same freedoms, under current law.

We have provided links to several different organizations offering their interpretation of the 501(c)(3) restrictions in order to alert churches and other groups about the legal ramifications of the 501(c)(3). This information is by no means definitive. We strongly recommend that all organizations seek legal advice from their own attorney if they have any questions.

Lest there be any confusion, we absolutely DO NOT encourage any church or other organization to violate the law.

We do, however, encourage all churches and religious organizations to question the appropriateness of being governed by the 501(c)(3), rather than by God’s Holy Word.



by Charley Clements

by Charley Clements

The Biblical Basis for Christians
in Politics and Government

By Ellen Craswell

The Role of the Bible and Christianity in America
From Summit Ministries

The Conservative Activist's ToolboxstarRED3.gif (994 bytes)
Resources for conservative activists. Includes a Citizens Lobbying Guide, Legislative Alerts,
email address for media and Congress, and information on how you can take effective action to help restore the Constitutional government the Founding Fathers intended.

Vote Smart Web
One-stop shopping center for information on candidates and incumbents position on issues
and voting records. This is the place to go to determine who and what you are voting for.

Voter Information Services
Congressional votes, Congressional scorecards, reports from various advocacy groups about
the legislation your senators and representative voted for or against!

Thomas Legislative Information

  Full text of House and Senate bills, Congressional Record, Bill Summaries, Hot Legislation,
  How our laws are made, US Constitution, US House, US Senate.

How did your Senators and Representatives vote?
  Enter your zip code to see how your senators or representative voted.

FEC Info
A place to discover who gave what to which Federal candidates when...

Read  How Our Laws Are Made

Contact the President

Contact your Senator

Contact your Representative

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Links to various organizations are provided for information purposes only.
The EagleCross Alliance is not affilated with, and does not necessarily endorse all of the views or opinions of all of these organizations.

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